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Guangzhou mabey building materials Co., Ltd. is a set of technology development, sales, engineering design and construction as one of professional engaged in new green building materials and floor coating materials of polymer materials Co., Ltd.. The company is engaged in building materials industry is always the company is the production and sales of white cement "Shaoguan crystal color building materials Co., Ltd.". In 2005 to invest in Guangzhou to establish "Guangzhou building materials limited company" mabey has nearly ten years of experience in production and development. The company has advanced technology and experiments, the production equipment, with an annual output of 10 million tons of the scale, specialization of the dry mixed mortar production line automatic control, the technology and scale ranks the leading domestic level. In Guangzhou, Huizhou, Dongguan has three branches. Company has always paid attention to the quality of the product, in order to improve the quality of the product, the selection of imported polymer raw materials, product technical indicators have passed the national standards. Company has always been the forefront of the industry as their own development goals, focusing on product development and innovation, and constantly launch all kinds of new decorative materials and flooring coating materials. Company's products cover series of dry mortar: thermal insulation mortar, ground of self leveling mortar, tile adhesive, color mildew tile agent. Inside and outside wall putty, waterproof coating, color decoration mortar, etc. series products and floor coating series: epoxy floor coating, hardening wear-resisting floor coating, sports stadium coating and parking lot floor coating series products. Products non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, variety, with a large number of customer needs to meet the ability. With excellent product quality and quality service concept, by the industry's high degree evaluation and the love of consumers. Company has building coating construction qualification, has a group of high-quality management elite and high, intermediate and technical personnel more than, and the establishment of a branch can bear hardships and stand hard work, rich experience, through advanced training and professional technology, excellent construction team. To provide customers with better service.

Companies adhere to the "diligence, integrity" as the concept of their own development, the purpose of all in order to meet market demand "as the marketing concept, with application of new and high technology as the guide, continuous innovation, for the domestic market dedicated high-quality green building materials products," for our customers to provide the best price products "is the mission of color crystal. The development of the company is innovation, crystal color through each process will have a solid footprint, each firm footprints are a step up to climb, you create brilliant architectural industry.